How To Make Your Startup Go Viral Through Offline Marketing - Biz Elite

Online marketing has gone through some transformations along the years and might i say that they are phenominal.

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But as the popularity of online marketing grew, the use of offline marketing strategies greatly declined. how do i mean?
According to statistica, 51% of small businesses prefer online marketing channels to offline marketing channels.

And if we take a look at it critically, it is true. A lot of people would prefer to stream videos online than to watch it on tv.

A lot of people would prefer to scan through popular news sites than to go through news papers and how may people read hand bills posted by the side of the road?

 Offline marketing seems like a big waste of time right? wrong. Though it may seem like it's the truth  if you fail to use this marketing channel effectively.

You may not get the kind of results you desire for your online startup. Now, i'm not going to bore you by saying put adverts on TV or place handbills all over your city

No i don&…

How To Improve Your Search Ranking On Google - Biz Elite

You would agree with me that search engines have become part of our every day lives and with over 2 million blog posts being published every day, you can't just write anything and expect search engines to find it

But with serch engines beginning over 90% of online experiences, it will be ideal to get good rankings on them with Google being your number one priority

Because aside from the fact that google's first page recieves 95% of web traffic with other pages recieving the remaining 5 percent.

Some say 68% of all online experiences begins with google while others say 80% of all online experiences begin with google.

Mean while, a lot of people don't know this and it shouldn't be so because if you want to become a recognized enterpreneur, you need to know how to improve your search ranking on google.

I didn't know all these details when i started blogging and they were the reasons for most of my epic faliures.

And trust me i've had a lot of those but you don…

How To Skyrocket Your Sales Through Social Media - Biz Elite

Social media has proven over the years to be the best way of connecting to your friends, family, relatives and so on.

But researches and studies has made us to understand that social media can be much more than that.

A research performed by Adweek shows that $1.2 million in sales are made online every 30 seconds.

With $14,295 belonging to various social media platforms. This amazing invention has made millionaires out of  many individuals.

It has provided a stable source of income for many others and personally, the best opportunities i've ever come across came as a result of social media.

It can be whatever you want it to be and if you are searching for how to double your revenue sales through social media

Then you'll get exactly that. So, how can you double your sales through social media?  in phase one,you need to:

1. Find out the social platforms that works for you

2. Understand the trends of the social platforms

3. Build an audience

4. Increase engagement on social platforms

What Every Small Business Can Benefit From Having A Website - Biz Elite

It is no secret that the internet has found it's way into the lives of billions of  individuals around the world

And for that reason, any business that is going to succeed must have a website. That is a fact yet According to Espresso Digital, over 29% of small businesses still don't have websites

And as for the ones that have, 23% update their site less than once a year. If you fall into the category of business owners that don't have websites then i beg you go and get one as soon as possible.

So, what are the benefits of a website? you can:

1. Gain more customers

2. Stay ahead of the competition

3. Have greater awareness

4. Enjoy a wider range of audience

5. Earn trust faster

6. Generate higher revenue

1. Gain more customers

Having an office and everything is good but the fact still remains that without a website, you are still limited

And you will never really know how much success you can achieve. Yes your business may be popular in your city

But does your business have any c…

The Beginner's Guide To Successful Niche Marketing - Biz Elite

A lot of people fail to see the opportunities hidden within niche marketing and it is the reasons for a lot of faliures on and off the internet.

It is one of the reasons why most of my previous startup's were not successful.It is one of the reasons why there are so many unsuccessful enterpreneurs out there

And it is one of the reasons why some businesses aren't just noticed even tough they are tirelessly working day and night to produce quality content.

But all these can be avoided because niche marketing does not have to be complicated.

And  through this course, we are going to prove that fact by discuss the following:

1. What is niche marketing?

2.   Why is it important?

3.  Steps to successful niche marketing

1. What is niche marketing?

Niche marketing is a form of focusing all marketing efforts in a small but well defined segment of the overall population.

And in the process of this, you must define your customers needs according to your designated niche

2. Why is niche market…

Reasons You Must Be Patient & Persistent To Dominate Your Niche - Biz Elite

The pain of any online enterpreneur is when you do your best to get some attention and it seems like you are not just getting noticed in your niche.
Trust me when i say i know how it feels.Many times, i've ventured into one online business or the other but i gave up on all of them.
A total of  50 online businesses i've ventured into and a total of 50 online businesses i've failed at because i didn't understand patience & persistence.

Until a few months ago while i was about giving up on this blog.I found out that
1. Others have been there before you
2. Some of your competitors have more experience than you
3. Getting recognition takes time
4. Building an audience take time
5.  Getting your audience to trust your brand takes time

1. Others Have Been There Before You
The truth about any internet business you can venture into is that there have been people who have beaten you to it with years.Take for instance this blog.

One of the major competitors in my niche is neil pat…

How To Generate More Sales Within Three Months - Biz Elite

It would be really nice if every start-up on the internet becomes popular and makes rewarding sales within it's first two years.

But that is just a dream that will never come true because a only a small percentage(less than 3%) of all online enterpreneurs actually become popular and make money and even a smaller percentage achieves this within a space of two years.

But that shouldn't scare you because lot of enterpreneurs have also succeeded online and you will not be an exception

Then what's going wrong?
  Basically, internet business has been really blown out of proportion and this has made it look harder than it actually is.

Though it can get a little technical and frustrating but with a little extra effort, you can successfully increase your sales.

So, where exactly are the things you need to generate more sales

1. An SEO ready website

2. Quality products 

3. Quality customer service

4. Consistency

5. Persistence

1. An SEO Ready Website
Owning a nice website to recieve y…